Mum Freeze

People to whom i describe the game of Mum Freeze refuse to believe such a thing. Here’s a description of the game from someone who grew up in New York City’s South Bronx. The same brutal game we "played" in our neighborhood in Queens. From STREET STORIES: Growing up in the South Bronx... When I … Continue reading Mum Freeze

On the road

Yes, that’s right. It’s another story with references to Kerouac’s novel. [Yawn] When i was 19 (that would have to be in 1971) i lived for a while in a small apartment on east sixth street on the lower east side of Manhattan. A fire in the empty building next door resulted in the death … Continue reading On the road


This morning, while walking back from our daily trip to the coffee shop, Matilda disappeared. That’s the way it looked to me. If you ask Matilda, she may say that it was me who disappeared. Like so many times before, i had let Matilda off leash in a large empty lot behind a large shopping … Continue reading Missing

A new friend

I lost someone in my life twenty eight years ago. When he died i hardly knew him. We worked together but we weren't friends then. That would be unlikely, if not impossible, because i was his supervisor.  Regardless, i liked him and enjoyed his company and his occasional bit of helpful advice. Soon after i … Continue reading A new friend