Before Matilda and i started to travel, we camped out occasionally on U.S. Forest Service land in Central California. One particular campsite we visited a few times has a memory for me that keeps repeating itself – triggered by a peculiar, but understandable, habit that Matilda has.

While at the Summerdale Campground near Fish Camp, California we met the campground host while Matilda and i were out on a walk. A dog person, this savvy individual would offer treats to dogs she would encounter while driving through the campground. And Matilda got a treat that day. Actually two treats!

Matilda must have truly enjoyed the experience of getting to jump aboard the golf cart and get a delicious treat from this doggone happy person. Because now every time she encounters a golf cart when we are in a campground, she jumps into the front seat and patiently waits for a treat.