The cost of a stamp and general delivery

I’m not sure what younger folks think about the U.S. Postal Service these days but i (in my late 60s) think its the cat’s pajamas. As a young adult before the days of computers, the Internet, and electronic mail, i was struck by the low cost and ease of sending a letter. Only a few cents to usher off my thoughts and sentiments to another across town or across the country. What a wonderfully slow and deliberate endeavor!

Just recently i had the opportunity to try a service of the post office that brought me back to a simpler time – General Delivery. General Delivery allows one the opportunity to receive mail at many post offices without the benefit of a street address. And it worked perfectly.

In my case, i had mail forwarded to me in a small town on the California/Arizona border while traveling. I calculated when my mail would arrive and then went to the post office with my identification in hand to pick it up. Wonderful. It was good to know that the simplicity of sending and receiving mail still exists.