One month on the road

Overall, the first month on the road has been a time of transition – a gradual process of becoming comfortable with what i am doing and how i go about doing it.

Though maneuvering within the small confines of the van can be challenging, the daily routines and tasks that make things work seem to be falling into place. Changing locations, however, makes me anxious. The trip from one place to the next involves planning for a place to settle in for a while, finding groceries and other supplies, doing laundry and other chores, and so on – all done within the hours of daylight (i don’t like to set up camp without a few hours of daylight so i am comfortable with the area). I suppose that, in time, this too will become easier.

Since my last post, we have camped around Borrego Springs (CA), Joshua Tree National Park, and near Earp, California (across the Colorado River from Parker, Arizona).