It’s been two weeks…

It’s been two weeks since i loaded up the van with the last of my stuff and headed out on the road. Circumstances dictated that i stay close to the area around Fresno, California so my overnight stays were in Panoche Hills, the San Joaquin River Gorge, Redinger Lake, and Pine Flat Lake.

The weather had been very wet with an unusually high amount of rainfall for California at this seasonally wet time of year. And the nights were uncomfortably chilly with little day time relief owing to the constant cloud cover that rarely let the sun peak through.

in spite of almost two years of preparation for living a spartan existence (nowadays called “being a minimalist”) i wound up making three trips to the Salvation Army to donate items for which i just couldn’t find space. I still have a few things that i may never, or so infrequently, use that i will probably get rid of them as well. But all this will happen in it’s own time – something i am quickly learning i have a substantial, seemingly never ending, amount of, that is, until i have something i must do.

It seems that i underestimated both the amount of food i would need (and want) and the amount of ice i would need for the few refrigeration-necessary items i carry which required an earlier than expected trip to the grocery store. And a failing battery on my iPhone required a time consuming two trips to the Apple store. These events, however, provided a welcome opportunity for a hamburger, chocolate milkshake, and some pizza.

And Matilda?

Well, she’s having a blast doing what a dog is supposed to do. She’s running, and jumping, chasing squirrels and rabbits, and sniffing and digging at the ground when she encounters the entrance to their underground home.

And when she jumps up into my bed when i settle in for the night she pulls in close and looks up at me as if i had done for her something special, something that would make her rest that night an easy one.